I woke up this morning.  Since we are all destined for a dirt nap; I count waking up a good thing. This morning was a little different than my morning just five nights ago.  I’m in the middle of sailing around the British Virgin Islands with Paul, Ann, Justin & Jennifer.

I woke up feeling the gently rolling waves of beautiful blue, salty water. The sunrise breached into my cabin through a small port window gently warming my face. The more you resist waking up here, the more you toss and turn knowing you are missing a glimpse of paradise. 

 I woke up this morning in paradise. I have had the same feeling daily since we arrived in the islands.  Our boat is currently moored off Anegada Reef Island among other catamarans & sailboats with the fortitude for a long sail. The sun is yellow.  The sky is blue. The clouds are white & grey. Water laps at the edges of the boat creating the sound and feeling of tranquility.

I woke up this morning in my own temple… without worry.  There is a deep feeling of gratitude for the spiritual gifts of water: relaxing, invigorating & cleansing; renewal & rebirth. Without direct knowledge, I can understand why Christians use water for baptisms, the Hindus consider the Ganges River sacred, the Buddhists say life is a stream.  

 I woke up this morning wishing you were with me to enjoy just a single day here.  Until then, the next time you take a hot shower, go for a swim, or tip your toe into a large body of water, I hope you’ll experience your own renewal.  Let your worry wash away and renew yourself in being the person your called to be. 

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