Two facts: #1: Dallas County issued a shelter in place order today until April 4, 2020 (at the earliest). #2: I stepped on the scale this morning and gained 3.5 pounds in the last week.

As the reality of the coronavirus outbreak sets in for me and the people I love, one of my big fears is that I regress instead of progress during this gift of time.

Before I dive in, let me make a few disclaimers.

  • I’m a competitive person. I recently took a work-related assessment and my “drive for results” was considered excessive.
  • One of my personal values is constant progression. Always forward, never backwards without a great reasons.
  • I’m coming at this from privilege. I’m not overwhelmed by the short-term loss of income nor am I starting a homeschool program overnight. Hats off to my mom & dad friends!

How & Why I created a COVID-19 Personal Priority Tool

This morning, I took a few minutes to clarify my priorities and how I want to get better, not worse, during the shelter in place period. For example, how do I take steps to lose weight instead of gaining weight?

What’s the priorities and path to thrive personally instead of survive.

To answer this question, I created this Personal Priority Setting Tool to have crystal clear clarity on my priorities, how & why.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Priorities: What major areas of focus must be managed to maximize my personal welfare?
  • How: What activities or actions must be completed daily to support each priority?
  • Why: Why is each priority and it’s set of activities important to me and the people around?

Here’s what it looks like:

Use this link to see the “Priorities, How & Why” I set for myself:

Download Jamie’s Personal Priorities for COVID-19

If you like the tool, you can download a blank template here:

Download the Template in MS WORD

Avoid the pitfalls of planning…

As with any plan (especially when we set personal plans), there are a few common pitfalls to avoid:

  • Setting your priorities to the side and never looking at them again. I plan to print, track and journal around my personal priorities daily. I may share updates on instagram.
  • Not communicating them with the people on your team (roommates, partners, spouses, friends, neighbors, etc.). Totally transparent here as I’m sharing this with the world — or at least my mom who I know tracks my ever digital move. Love you mom!
  • You don’t take initiative or ask for support on the priorities and activities in your plan. There has never been a better time to identify and call on the support of an accountability buddy. I know my friends Ashley, Krissy, Lexie will have my back here!

But why do personal priorities matter?

Don’t wait for this crisis to unfold and see where it takes you. Hope is not a plan. Getting back time as you are sheltered in place may feel like an automatic gift at the moment; but if you don’t invest that time it will be squandered.

Don’t regress; progress! Don’t survive; find a way to thrive! No matter your circumstances, I hope you find opportunity in crisis. Let me know your priorities and how I can support you!

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